You are a W2R student if you are transferring from FRCC to CSU in a science major.

W2R is a free program to all FRCC–>CSU transfer students in the sciences. Unless you intentionally opt-out, you are automatically enrolled. 🙂

Visit our Canvas page! (same as D2L at FRCC)

W2R’s Canvas has tons of relevant information! You should automatically see W2R on your list of courses in Canvas (be sure to click “ALL COURSES”). If you don’t, please let us know.

Click HERE to go to Canvas.

Join the W2R Learning Community

W2R is interested in your long-term career success. That’s why we offer tips on a successful transition to CSU and professional development opportunities through our learning community (LC).

If you are a W2R NSF Scholar or a W2R NIH Research Trainee, you are automatically a part of the learning community!

We invite all other W2R students to apply to join our learning community, the best way to engage with our overall program.

The W2R LC combines a 1-credit, upper division class called “Becoming a Scientist” with peer mentorship, customized advising, and enrollment in other required classes for students in our majors (physics, calc, o-chem). This combo of services will enhance your first semester experience at CSU and set you up for continued success in the few remaining semesters you have at CSU.

In the LC, you will:

  • improve your networking skills
  • develop your skills and identity as a “scientist”
  • learn about all the research and internship opportunities available to science students at CSU
  • make some friends, which really helps motivate you throughout your time here CSU. Friends make us better!

Join the W2R LC by applying here.

Graduating Seniors

It’s possible that your academic department is doing something to help you get ready to graduate at the end of this semester. As a W2R student, you have extra services at your disposal.

  • Commencement info, including cap/gown, tickets, and ceremony time
  • Post-college career counseling and/or graduate school application advising
  • A double check through your Degree Audit (aka DARS) to confirm you’ve done everything right
  • A graduation cord to accent your cap and gown outfit at commencement!

Are you graduating this semester? Look out for an email from us around mid-semester, to fill out our Exit Survey and to receive your graduation cord.

Email or schedule an appointment to learn more.

Pre-COVID Wolves to Rams Event at CSU’s Ram Welcome!!!

Keep scrolling to find links that will help you succeed here at CSU and meet the staff of W2R!!

Essential CSU Resources

  • TILT (The Institute for Learning and Teaching)– A place that provides direct support to enhance student success, go-to place for tutoring in many subjects.
  • Health Professions Advising– A place to get information on everything pre-heath, including potential career paths, MCAT prep, on-campus clubs, undergraduate planning/resources and scheduling appointments with your heath adviser. Their office is located in the TiLT building.

Your W2R Peeps

Need help with something? Have a random question about anything CSU or science-related that you haven’t figured out yet? You have people to ask!  

Call or make an appointment with our peer mentors or staff, below.

W2R Peer Mentors

W2R peer mentors are current CSU students who have “been there.” They know what it feels like to transfer from Front Range Community College to CSU and can answer any questions you may have!

To find their contact information, log into Canvas, then click:


> Modules

> B2B/W2R Advising

> Meet Your Peer Mentors

Staff Contacts


Orlando Cruz — W2R Transfer Student Success Coach

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO 80523


Erin Pitts — Assistant Director, W2R

Front Range Community College – Larimer Campus

Fort Collins, CO

Click to make an appointment!

Wolves to Rams is here to help make CSU feel like home. We’re glad to be a part of your RAMily!!