W2R recognizes that money is sometimes the thing that keeps you from your education. We want to help cover you in times of small crisis, to help keep you in school even if life is making unexpected financial demands of you.

W2R students in need can apply for one-time mini grants to cover an unexpected cost. Grants are up to $400 and students must apply with a justification for the funds. Once approved by our advisory committee, grants are delivered quickly and there is no need to pay the money back. Students can apply for a mini grant up to three times while at CSU (although we really hope you won’t need it!).

Emergency funds are granted for a variety of needs, including but not limited to: housing, personal supplies, car/transportation expenses.

Food expenses are not granted due to the fact that CSU and Larimer County offer several other options for food needs, including an on-campus food pantry and a program in which non-residential students can eat in the dining hall (Rams Against Hunger). Also, the Office of Financial Aid can work with you about adjusting your aid package to include stipends for computers and/or childcare needs.

To access the application, please email

Please note: At this time, emergency funds are available to CSU Wolves to Rams students only.