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The Wolves to Rams NSF Scholarship helps FRCC students transfer to and graduate from CSU in STEM and natural resources.


Wolves to Rams NSF Scholarship – Application will open fall semester 2024.

The NSF Scholarship includes customized CSU transfer advising, STEM workshops, faculty mentorship, and a peer community. Scholars can receive up to 7 total semesters of scholarship money (3 semesters at FRCC and 4 at CSU). Each year we select 30 new scholars, and each scholar can receive up to $30,000 over 7 semesters. Scholars will participate in professional conferences, graduate school preparation, and research lab experiences. The scholarship is renewable based on active participation, commitment, and academic performance. The Wolves to Rams scholarship supports students in STEM fields such as engineering, chemistry, math, computer science, wildlife biology, forestry, horticulture and many other fields.


FRCC Spring 2025FRCC Fall 2025FRCC Spring 2026CSU Fall 2026CSU Spring 2027CSU Fall 2027CSU Spring 2028Graduate from CSU!
Up to $2500Up to $3750
(contingent on
federal grant renewal)
Up to $3750
(contingent on
federal grant renewal)
Up to $5000
(contingent on
federal grant renewal)
Up to $5000
(contingent on
federal grant renewal)
Up to $5000
(contingent on
federal grant renewal)
Up to $5000
(contingent on
federal grant renewal)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Currently enrolled at FRCC (any campus)
  • Plan to be enrolled at FRCC for spring 2025, fall 2025, and spring 2026
  • Have already earned a high school diploma or GED prior to spring semester 2025
  • Have not previously earned a bachelor’s degree (it’s ok if you have attended a university)
  • US citizen, permanent resident, or have refugee/asylum status
  • Eligible for federal financial aid with FAFSA on file at FRCC for 2024-2025 (FRCC FAFSA code is 007933)
  • Interest in pursuing any of the eligible CSU majors listed below. You can change your intended major at any time, but if you change out of an eligible major you will not continue to receive the W2R scholarship

How to Apply

  1. Watch this quick video for an intro to the NSF Scholarship Application Passcode: 3?WZEVZU
  2. The application will be due Sunday, November 12 @ 11:59 pm. There is no disadvantage to applying just before the deadline, all applications will be considered at the same time.
  3. Decisions will be made after fall semester grades post, and all applicants will be emailed the decision in mid-January
  4. Please save your essay responses in a Word or Google document FIRST so you don’t lose your work – then copy and paste them into the application
  5. The selection criteria will focus on financial need as established by the FRCC Office of Financial Aid, as well as responses to the following short essay prompts:
    • What do you love about STEM and why? What STEM topics are you passionate about, and why? (250-500 words).
    • Watch the following video: John Spencer’s Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset. Now answer the following question: Describe how you can apply a growth mindset to challenges in your current FRCC courses. How might you apply this concept to challenges in transferring to CSU and in your STEM career? (250-500 words).
    • What career or careers are you considering, and why are you drawn to them? (50-100 words)

Eligible CSU (Fort Collins) Majors for the NSF scholarship

College of Agricultural SciencesWalter Scott, Jr. College of EngineeringCollege of Health and Human SciencesWarner College of Natural ResourcesCollege of Natural SciencesCollege of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Animal Sciences

Agricultural Biology

Equine Science


Soil & Crop Sciences
Biomedical Engineering dual degrees

Chemical & Biological Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Mechanical Engineering  
Nutrition & Food Science

Fermentation Science & Technology
Ecosystem Science & Sustainability

Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Biology

Forest/Rangeland Stewardship


Natural Resource Management

Restoration Ecology

Watershed Science

Biological Sciences


Computer Science

Data Science


Natural Sciences



Environmental/Public Health



“This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number (NSF Grant Number 1930150)”