Wolves to Rams provides scholarships, stipends, workshops, mentorship, and paid research training. We want more FRCC students to transfer to CSU, enter scientific research, earn a bachelor’s degree, and have a successful career.

W2R is funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation and spans two colleges: Front Range Community College (any campus) and Colorado State University.

We serve all FRCC –> CSU students who are majoring in the sciences. You are automatically a part of our free program unless you ask to opt-out.

We provide scholarships and stipends to a small percentage of our students. You must be a FRCC student when you apply, and the scholarship is designed to come with you over to CSU for at least one year. The NIH and NSF scholarships/stipends have two separate applications and separate due dates.

If you do not receive one of our scholarships, you are still considered one of us! We invite you to engage with our program in order to

  • be a stronger science student and succeed in your coursework
  • find jobs and internships that will help your career
  • build your professional network and learn how to use it to your benefit
  • learn about research on campus and how you can be involved
  • make friends–having a community at CSU is imperative to your success

Please click our W2R @ CSU page to learn more about the services we offer at CSU.